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[Megamind] Untitled

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It was unavoidable, according to the 80s sitcoms Megamind watched to get love advice. They had been right more than once, and they were right again now, when Roxanne showed up waving proudly the two tickets she held on her hand.

Two tickets... the opera!

"That's really nice. Don't you think so, sir?" Minion, the traitor, said as he put the spatula aside. He'd been making scrambled eggs for breakfast, just like Megamind liked them. Eggs that were now ruined by those two small pieces of cardboard.

"Yes, I do think so," Megamind replied, always the good boyfriend, his voice muffled by the table upon which he had pressed his face.

The lack of answer made Megamind wince and risk a look up. Minion hanged his apron near the door and announced he had some errands to attend before fleeing the kitchen. Not only a traitor, but also a coward. Yet, it was understandable to a degree. Roxanne's frown had that effect.

Megamind used a calculated apologetic-yet-charming smile as he raised his head once more.

"When are we expected?" he asked, willing to brave this with dignity. After all, with all the actually nice things she'd done for him, how could he not reciprocate? The chances that he would've done it even back when he was a villain were high, anyway.

The seductive smile worked its magic. Roxanne relaxed her face and dropped her arms. She handed him a brochure. "Tonight."

"Oh... I'll make sure to wear my best cape and..."

"No, no capes."


"No buts either. I know you have a normal suit in your closet."

Megamind, filled with horror, covered his mouth. "No! Not the normal suit!"

She sighed. "Listen, Megamind, I want you to experience the normal things of life, not only what a supervillain or a superhero does. This includes..."

"Wearing normal clothes. I know. I know," Megamind replied propping his chin on his hand. He did know, and he did find it all very boring.

Roxanne kissed him on the forehead. "We'll have fun; you'll see."

He nodded, still pouting, and she left the room. Probably to find Minion and instruct him to prepare the normal suit.

No capes. No magnificence. No electric guitars nor passionate singers yelling their lungs out. He looked at the brochure. What was the fun in opera? The conductor's name looked Japanese and had so many sh-s and ch-s and looked so hard to pronounce he didn't even try.

But either way, he prepared himself for a night of supreme boredom. All in the name of love.


The fun in opera turned out to be when, after being so engrossed with the heroine's suffering that he needed not one but two tissue boxes, the explosion of happiness at the triumphant climax.

A shame he wasn't allow to carry any fireworks, but he still could scream "Yes!" and jump up and down and even convince his neighbors to lift him on his hands and crowd surf all the way to the stage to hug all the singers.

The director stopped everything to personally grab Megamind from the back of his very normal jacket and throw him out the door, which he closed very rudely on Megamind's face.

Roxanned reunited with her boyfriend soon thereafter. He was still dusting off his pants.

"When is the next show?" he asked, beaming, before she could say anything.

She hit her face with her palm and dragged him to the car. Roxanne drove in silence while Megamind daydreamed with the story and the happy ending they had just witnessed.

However, Roxanne never mentioned the incident ever again, which Megamind found perplexing.

Oh, well, he'd surprised her with some tickets of his own soon enough.
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