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[Transformers: Prime] Misery Loves Company

Knock Out
PG rated
+300 words


It took a long while before Knock Out went back to the auto cinema after what happened with Breakdown. Because then who would clean him up when one of those fleshy creatures inevitably dropped something on him? Or so he told himself. Several times.

In the end, however, he gave in. He had to move on - and by 'move on' he meant 'figuring out how to get to those hard-to-reach places by himself'. Of course. What else?

Thus, one day, on a whim, he opened a bridge to a place near enough to an auto cinema he'd never been before. New life, new location. Besides, they were showing a movie he hadn't seen before. In which, he discovered, starred an automobile. And not just any automobile: a gorgeous, classic femme with a delightful inclination to murder and mayhem.

He fell instantly in love. He also cheered when lovely Christine made a victorious comeback right before the credits. Such a happy and fulfilling ending.

Given that this was Earth and those were humans, he doubted this story was based on true events. However, he tried to look more deeply into the matter, since it did hit close to home - and he took the opportunity to print a couple of posters to hang on the walls of his personal quarters.

"Yes, I needed to use all that ink!" he told to a Vehicon, pointing at him with long, sharp index finger. The Vehicon turned around and left in a hurry, probably to write down the incident in his report to Soundwave. Whatever. When the silent menace showed up, Knock Out would be long gone. To Maine, the place where Christine's author lived.

Knock Out planned to pick up a hardcover on the way to have it signed. And, who knows, maybe he could persuade this human to write a sequel. He wasn't know for his charming ways for nothing, after all.
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A LO QUE LLEGO te quiero montones XD