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[Kyoryuger] Untitled

Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger
King/Amy/Ucchii, but the porn part is King/Ucchii
Probably the first of two parts The first of three parts
~2000 words

Second part here

The bottle spun, spun, and spun, and when it finally stopped, it pointed at Ucchii. He, as expected, become as red as King's vest. However, that didn't stop King from asking him the same question he and Amy had answered already. (Amy's answer had been 'King', and King's 'someone I met in France several years ago.')

"Who was the first person you ever slept with, Ucchii?" King asked, all smiles.

"Come on, Ucchii," Amy said. "Whoever it is, we won't get mad."

Ucchii looked from one to the other in complete silence, eyes as big as whenever he encountered something in the modern world he didn't quite understand but thought everyone expected him to.

"Amy's right," King said. "We won't get jealous, promise. The three of us are together now and that's what matters."

"I… know you won't," Ucchii finally said. "It's just that..." He fell silent again, as he stared at the bottle again. Not quite glaring, but probably regretting having agreed to those rules. But his word had been given, and he wouldn't back up. It wasn't in the samurai's nature. After another moment and one deep breath, he closed his eyes and said quickly and to no one in particular. "I've never had that kind of experience before in my life!"

Amy and King looked at each other in surprise. Not only because of that, though. They had a bet going on, and King had put what little money he had on Ucchii's lord from the Sengoku era, and Amy on some else, closer to Ucchii in rank. Neither of them were expecting this, with Ucchii being—not counting his time trapped—nearly thirty. However, what they would do about this faded to the background when they realized Ucchii kowtowing before them.

"It was never the right time to mention this!" Ucchii was saying. "As elder of both of you, my lack of experience shames me! Now you know I won't be able to please either of you, but I've been so happy since you asked me to be your boyfriend, so please don't break out with me! I love you two so much!"

King hurried to make him look up to them. "Ucchii! Ucchii! It's all right!"

"It's 'break up,' but we won't," Amy said. "We love you too."

Ucchii looked from one to the other again, not daring to say one word again.

"You know," King after scratching his chin. "If this is that much of a problem, we should fix it."


They decided on King going first, if only because it took Ucchii a while to completely relax when making out with Amy. Not as long as before, and he was honest about his love and desire to be with her, but he was still more comfortable when near a male body. King had long suspected that one nice and rewarding session in bed with either of them would cure that, and it was time to test that theory.

The well-lit guest room in Amy's mansion had a gorgeous bed. King locked the door behind them, just in case Gentle decided to wander in that area, although Amy promised she would keep him busy in a shoe shoppin spree all afternoon. Which mean they had the whole place to themselves all afternoon.

King had Ucchii to himself all afternoon.

Oh, he loved sharing the samurai with Amy. He loved the three of them being together, as much as he loved being alone with her, or to think of Ucchii and Amy on their own. But this was one of those rare times where he felt like being selfish.

"King-dono," Ucchii murmured as he placed Zandar Thunder in a corner, "as you know, I'm somewhat unsure about what to do."

King smiled and wrapped one of his arms around Ucchii, placing his other hand on his face. "Relax and let me guide you," he said, looking at his eyes. "You'll know what to do then."

Ucchii nodded, but remained tense as King began kissing him. However, King knew what to do, starting with a soft, tender kiss with which he explored Ucchii's lips in their entirety yet again, using his tongue only to tease him, to make him draw his only to found it retreating. It wasn't until Ucchii put his arms around King's neck to keep his balance, that King reached up to untie the samurai's ponytail.

"I always wanted to do this," he murmured, placing the hair tie on a side table.

"It was always yours for the take," Ucchii whispered back, and then it was he who started the next kiss. He no longer wanted to be teased, judging by how much passionate this one was.

King sighed as he accepted it, and his next movement was to free Ucchii from his coat, making it fall to the floor.

"You can't just leave it there!" Ucchii began when he noticed, but King interrupted him.

"Yes, I can," he said, and then he kissed Ucchii again, this time with one hand in the back of Ucchii's neck, pressing him against himself, and unleashing his tongue to touch and caress all the spots he knew were the samurai's favorite. It worked, and Ucchii was soon melting against him.

King took a moment to take his own vest off before he started guiding Ucchii to the bed. Once there, he made him go on his back slowly—very slowly—until his head was comfortably placed on the pillows. The kiss hadn't stopped, and as King perched himself sitting astride over Ucchii's hips, his first time with Amy came to his mind. It hadn't been so carefully planned, more like improvised, like everything they did. They were just having a tickle fight on her bed, and then things naturally happened. She'd lacked all kind of experience as well, but she was passionate and enthusiastic and so brave… All the reasons why he loved her, and they both had had a lot of fun.

With Ucchii, it was different. The samurai was shier and more demure. To be honest, Ucchii had more traditionally feminine traits than Amy, a twist that King found interesting. However, seeing the circumstances from this perspective, he realized it was only natural that Ucchii was the virgin one from the three of them when they talked things out.

"I like this," Ucchii said suddenly, having found the brave to sneak his fingertips underneath King's t-shirt and touch his stomach.

"Me too. Do you want to take it off?"

"Yes!" Ucchii replied, but maybe he found himself too eager, since he followed with, "I won't risk you ripping it off."

"It was just one time," King said, pouting. But that had been good. Jokes were good.

King raised his arms to allow his t-shirt being taken off, and then waited for Ucchii to make any kind of comment. He enjoyed showing himself to his lovers.

"You're so beautiful, King-dono," Ucchii said, right on cue, allowing his fingers to wander all over King's stomach and chest.

In response, King sighed and threw his head backwards, letting Ucchii do as he wanted with his hands. Mainly because they both wanted the same thing. Soon enough, Ucchii was tugging at King's belt playfully.

"King-dono, would you—" He cleared his throat. "Would you please take my shirt off?"


One moment later, Ucchii's shirt joined King's on the floor and King lay down next to Ucchii, alternating between nuzzling and nibbling his neck. Since discovering in a previous exploration how sensitive that area was, King decided it was a good place to start his attack, before moving to kiss the samurai's chest. Once he was licking one his nipples, and playing with the other with his hand, Ucchii was all but a moaning puddle, and what a beautiful melody he created.

"May I?" King asked, tracing the border of Ucchii's pants with his fingers.

Ucchii grew even redder, and seemed about ready to hide his face with one of the pillows, but he nodded. It was all it took for his pants to fly away. All what was left covering him and his obvious hardness was his golden underwear.

King's hands traveled on the inside of his thighs, silently asking Ucchii to spread his legs, which he did with a sigh. Then, King knelt down between them, looking with fascination as he touched Ucchii's crotch, pressing lightly, feeling his lover's desire underneath the cloth. Ucchii gasped and moaned again, which heightened King's on desire.

Now, what to do? King hadn't planned that ahead. Improvising was his forte, after all, but now he faced a world of possibilities and he had to choose. He kept rubbing Ucchii in slow circles as he decided. Penetration of any kind, either giving or receiving, could be overwhelming for Ucchii's first time. A hand job would be easier to handle, but it was lower in the brave scale… And then, King saw things clear as day.

"I'm going to take it off," he announced.

"Please," Ucchii replied, immediately raising his hips to help with the removal of his underwear.

Now, all of Ucchii was displayed in front of him, and King felt himself hard and pulsating underneath his own clothes. But he didn't take them off. He wanted Ucchii to take care of that, and to look at him as he did so.

"Ucchii, you're so beautiful," he said, wrapping one hand around Ucchii's length, and he began to stroke it slowly.

Ucchii's hips buckled forward. "You… you are more... " he gasped.

King grinned. "Do you like it when I touch you like this?"


"There is something better I can do."

"What—what would that be?"

"This," King said, and after that word, he leaned down and took the head of Ucchii's length in his mouth, licking all around it before he started sucking it, gently at first.

It took a moment for Ucchii to know how to react. The noises he made then were the sweetest yet, and his hips thrusted upward on their own. All in all, it was delicious, beyond the taste, which King also found a lot of his liking. He could've done that the rest of the day. However, Ucchii's inexperience also meant he wouldn't last long, and King made a brief pause to tell him he didn't have to, that he could enjoy this without holding back, before resuming his work.

Ucchii listened, and he finished with King's name on his lips, raising his hips high, and a very happy smile appeared on his face when they came down again. Meanwhile, King didn't let a single drop go to waste. He was still wiping his lips when he lay down on the pillow next to the smiling Ucchii.

"Did you like it?"

"Oh, King-dono," Ucchii murmured. "It was perfect."

King smiled and gave Ucchii a soft kiss. "You were perfect."

"I haven't done anything yet," Ucchii replied, and then he frowned. "I should."

"I'd like that."

Ucchii sighed deeply and pushed King on his back. "Allow me," he said as he moved to unbuckle King's pants. "I wish to repay you in full."

"Are you sure? A hand job from you would be wonderful too."

Ucchii's head showed up in King's field of vision, with Ucchii now looking intently at King's eyes. "A mere hand job wouldn't be as brave," he said. "We can leave that for later."

King chuckled and raised his hips to help Ucchii removed his clothes. "As you wish."

Ucchii then kissed him passionately, before going to attack his neck and then his chest. As the samurai went down, and when he finally touched King's bare skin, he grew more and more enthusiastic. As if he'd shed down a layer of shyness. It was great, were King's last thoughts before losing himself in the heat and warmth of his lover's mouth. Ucchii would need that, since next was Amy's turn. King could only hope she was just as lucky.