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[Kyoryuger] Untitled

Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger
King/Amy/Ucchii, but this part is Amy/Ucchii porn
Second of three parts
~2000 words
First part here

Claiming that making her wait for too long would be unfair, Amy hurried King to do his part and distract Gentle. And that's why that King spent the whole Saturday afternoon peeling potatoes in the kitchen, enduring the butler's lecture on what it meant to date someone of Miss Amy's social stature. Gentle had long ago warmed up to the idea, and imparting his wisdom was his way to help, so King would know how to behave when her parents came back. It was impossible not to be grateful and moved for his efforts—and for giving them the perfect excuse right now.

Gentle had suffered enough shocks for the rest of the year with Amy's superheroing to find out right now that she wasn't dating one of her teammates but two, and was about to have sex for the first time with one of them. After having done it with the other one a couple of times already. They would tell him at some point, just not right now.

Amy locked her bedroom door behind them and took a deep breath. Everything was so familiar: the bed, the closet, the mirror… even having Ucchii there. But their intent that day changed everything, and at the same time all around her felt new. With King it had been different. They didn't plan it; it just happened and it had been perfect. Beyond all her dreams and expectations. And fun, a word she wouldn't have associated with sex before. Although, in retrospect, only an important battle with King wouldn't be fun. And even then, he always found a way for his melody and sheer joy for life to shine through the direst of situations. One of the reasons why she loved him so much.

Ucchii, on the other hand, was calmer and more disciplined. More willing to follow instructions than to improvise. He did if it was necessary, but he prefered to have an strategy from the start. Well, Amy didn't have a list of instructions, but she could show him what she liked, which was what King told her to do.

"Just relax and let your melodies synchronize. Both of you will be fine," he said. "Trust your Brave."

Very good. She could do that. Her Brave had gotten her this far, and she knew it wasn't going to let her down now.

Amy grabbed Ucchii's hand and led him to sit down on the bed. Just from that contact she could tell he was even more nervous than she. Once they were there, facing each other, he breathed and looked at her. Or more like at her chin, as he held both her hands in his.

"Amy-dono," he began. "I must apologize beforehand if I make any mistakes today."

She smiled at him and placed a hand on his cheek. "It's all right, Ucchii. I don't have much experience myself, so we'll be learning together."

"I would despise myself if I ever let you down."

"You won't," she replied, and pulled him for a kiss.

He gasped and tensed and then relaxed, his arms tenderly placed on her shoulders as he kissed her back. It was their usual routine, but Amy felt it wouldn't do. Ucchii might feel at his most comfortable with her regarding women, but she didn't want him to cause him an overload.

"We can turn off the lights," she offered.

"Why?" he asked, but soon he realized the reason and got even redder than King's sentai uniform. "Please keep them on, Amy-dono. I—" he stumbled to find the words and his eyes wandered all around the room until they stop at her own. "I wish to see you. I wish to know your body. I desire you, from all the women in the world." He smiled sheepishly. "I'll be fine, promise."

"Oh, Ucchii..." she murmured and kissed him again.

He was true to his word, making the kisses more and more intense, soon exploring the entirety of her mouth with his tongue as he, gently and slowly, pushed her down to the bed. All while her hands roamed all over his chest. His coat slid from his shoulders, and he shrugged it off, throwing it at the feet of the bed. Ucchii got brave enough to kiss her neck as hands began fumbling with her clothes and then… and then he stopped.

"Ucchii?" Amy asked.

"Amy-dono," he said as sad and as ashamed of himself as whenever he failed to understand something he thought was completely obvious for anyone else. "I—I fail to understand how modern women's garments work. Please, forgive me... "

She stopped him before he could kowtow. "Ucchii! You already asked for forgiveness, remember?" He nodded, and she got an idea. Her Bravest idea yet. She even felt her cheeks grow hot as she spoke next. "I'll undress myself for you now, and I'll teach you how to do it next time."

"Would you be so kind?" he murmured, obviously intrigued by the idea.

She smiled. "Yes. Just look at me, okay?"

"O—okay," he answered.

Amy sat up on her knees and waited until Ucchii was in a similar position in front of her, attentive at all her movements. She'd never done anything like this before, but several magazines said men liked this kind of thing, and that it had to be done in a very slow fashion - which already was at odds with how impatient she felt by then. But for Ucchii's sake, she'd make an effort.

Another deep breath as she smiled and she began by undoing the bow on top of her blouse. Next, the buttons. One by one, counting to ten each time, to make sure to be slow enough. It wasn't until she discarded the blouse to the floor next to the bed that she looked at Ucchii again. He was frozen in place, his eyes glued to her. She hadn't wanted to scare her from the start, but it made her feel good. Even a little proud of herself, and thus she carried on.

As her shorts slid from her long legs, leaving her in only her underwear, she heard Ucchii breathing heavily. His fists were closed tight and he looked at her more intently than ever. He wanted her. She could feel it, and she liked it. She wanted him too.

But she had to hear it too.

"Do you like me, Ucchii?"

"Yes," came the answer, raw and sincere, and yet he didn't move. He waited for a clearer, stronger signal. "I like you, Amy-dono. You're so beautiful and I love you so much."

"I love you too," she said. She thought of jumping to kiss him, longing to feel his hands against her skin, but there was the matter of her bra. She chose one that hooked on the front for this evening, but Ucchii hadn't exactly seen many of those in action anyway, so before doing that, she took it off as well.

King had told her that her breasts were lovely, beautiful, and sexy—and delicious—, and now Ucchii's face said the exact same thing. He probably hadn't seen many of them, and Amy suspected he would rather face torture than see a porn magazine, but nevertheless, he looked ready to devour her. And she loved him for that.

Amy spreaded out her arms. "Come here," she called him, and he obeyed.

King had been right. When the moment came, they both knew what to do. He kissed her with burning passion, and his hands explored her back and sides. It took him a long moment to gingerly touch her breasts, his fingers moving as if he held an invaluable memento. She shivered and was about to murmur her name when he found himself Brave enough to lick her nipple, and instead of a murmur, it came out as a moan. He seemed to like it, because he did it again before covering it with his mouth and sucking gently, while her hand played with the other. She felt herself grow wetter and wetter by the second.

"Amy-dono, oh, Amy-dono..." he repeated, breaking their contact only to take off his shirt. She didn't waste any time before touching him, exploring him as she'd done it with her.

Amy didn't exactly know the precise moment when Ucchii pushed her down on the bed once more, but she loved how he was on top of her, how he kissed her neck, how his hands, firmer than ever, touched as much as he could reach of her body. Until they stopped at the once piece of clothing that remained.

"Amy-dono…?" he said as he tugged at it. "I—Would you—I mean—"

It was enough to make her giggle. She took the opportunity to catch her breath and to strengthen her resolution. He didn't know how to ask, but she had an idea of how she could answer, regardless.

Her hand wandered down Ucchii's chest, all the way to his crotch, still covered by his pants, where she could feel how hard he was for her. "Yes," she said. "Take it off. And take your pants off too."

"As you wish," he answered. He moved quickly, as if he wanted to have that part over with before he became all self-conscious again.

She stared at him as he finished undressing himself first. Amy hadn't seen many adult naked men in real life—King had been her first—, and she forced herself to remain still and not touch him before he got rid of her panties. Which he did with utmost seriousness, and an expression of utter focus on his face. It was so endearing, and it happened at a moment when she thought she couldn't love him more.

"Ucchii..." she whispered.

"Amy-dono," he murmured back, his hands on her knees. "I meant it when I said I wanted to know your body. Would you please let me see you?"

"Yes," she said. She knew she was blushing, but she spread her legs for him, and felt his eyes on her for the longest moment.

"You are so beautiful," she heard right before she felt his fingers touching her.

Amy gasped and bucked her hips, trying to rub himself against his hand. "Ucchii," she moaned. "I'm ready! Please, I want you!"

She didn't need to say anything else. Ucchii murmured an affirmation and lowered himself over her, guiding his hardness into her. Amy closed her eyes, welcoming him.

"Amy-dono, are you all right?" he asked, once he was completely inside her.

"Yes," she replied. "This is all perfect."

"Perfect," he repeated, and started moving.

She moaned as he did, thrusting her hips following his, and they soon found the rhythm that belonged just to them. They were synchronized.

"Ucchii… Ucchii, I can hear your melody," she said, right before she climaxed, clinging to him as hard as she could. Soon she felt him tense up, this time as he finished, murmuring her name.

"I—can hear yours," he said as he fell on top of her, catching his breath.

They remained there, cuddling in silence, with his face hidden against her neck, and her hand tracing lazy fingers on his shoulders, for a long while.

"You know, Ucchii," she finally said. "You didn't let me down."

She felt him smile against her skin. "So I don't have to despise myself?"

"Not at all."

"I'm glad. I didn't want to."

She giggled again and then they fell into a comfortable silence once more, enjoying each other's company. They'd have to take a bath, but later. Much later.

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