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Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger
King/Amy/Ucchii, aaaand this part is King/Amy/Ucchii porn
Third of three parts
~2000 words
First part here
Second part here

Ucchii had no words to express how happy he was, and how relieved he felt when his lack of experience didn't ruin his relationship. Furthermore, his confidence got a boost after realizing he could please his lovers even with his imperfect techniques. However, today presented a big challenge; today, they had decided it was time for the three of them to be together. The idea both excited and terrified Ucchii in equal measure.

Amy and King had been so patient with him, teaching him about their own bodies, and never asking from him anything he was not willing to give at that precise moment. But all he'd done while being in the same room with the both of them was some cuddling and kissing. Nothing else. Perhaps they would just focus on each other and he would be relegated to watch… Which wasn't exactly the worst of fates…

He swayed and would've fallen down if he hadn't been so close to a wall. Breathe, just breathe, he thought. It would be the worst idea to start getting hard while still one block away from the hotel. He'd need to keep his thoughts pure until he was safe behind a locked door, with King and Amy ready to do all kind of things to him…

"Utsusemimaru!" he growled to himself as he smacked his own cheeks with his hands. "Put yourself together!"

He took yet another deep breath and focused his thoughts on battle strategies from four hundred years ago and sprinted the final distance to the hotel lobby, scoring a victory to himself when he arrived. Another small one was that he already knew how to get to the room they'd booked for the afternoon. That would spare him having to talk to anyone in his state; nothing but babble would come out from his mouth.

Ucchii unfolded the piece of paper where he wrote the instructions on how to use the elevator—yet another wonder of modern times. To be inside the metal box made him nervous, but he enjoyed setting eyes on an entirely different landscape when the doors opened again. He stepped down on the third floor and began looking for the number. He wrote that down as well to make sure he wouldn't be late. And he wasn't. It was even ten minutes before the appointed time.

"Ah, here it is," he murmured when he found it.

He got ready to knock when he felt an arm wrapping around his neck and heard a very friendly, "Ucchii! You're early!"

"King-dono!" Ucchii exclaimed once he recovered from being startled. "You are too."

King grinned at him, flashing his victory sign. "I couldn't wait. Come on, let's get in together."

Ucchii nodded, all determination. "Together."

However, instead of reaching out for the doorknob, King stood in front of Ucchii and held him by the lapels of his coat to kiss him.

Ucchii started to kiss back, but after a moment, he separated. "S-shouldn't we wait until we're inside?"

"Why?" King asked.

"Be-because…" but after that one word, he was kissed into silence again. Which was just as good, since his mind went blank and no reason why they shouldn't be kissing in the hallway came to him. He didn't even notice when King did open the door to let them in, or when he closed it, or when he was pressed against it and dropped his notes on how to navigate the love hotel. He only knew that his hands were tangled on King's hair as he surrendered his mouth—and his entire life—to his leader.

"Did you just start without me?" said the only one for whom Ucchii would let go of the man he loved the most.

"Amy-dono," he said in a weaker voice than he intended. She had been waiting for them already, and wore a pink bathrobe and her wet hair down. "We didn't mean—" he began, but then his traitorous mind asked, only a pink bathrobe?, and he had to close his mouth before he could gasp. At least he got all the way there before forfeiting the idea of keeping his thoughts pure.

Meanwhile, King laughed and grabbed her by the waist. "We were warming up," he said as he kissed her neck, making her giggle. "Before things get really wild."

They were a beautiful sight. As beautiful as they were since before they so graciously asked him to be part of their romance. A day didn't pass without Ucchii waking up to thank every deity that could be listening for granting him such boons.

Once King let go of her, he said, "I'll be with you in a moment. Make yourself comfortable," before heading out to the bathroom.

"All right!" Amy replied, reaching out for Ucchii's hand to drag him after her.

Obedient, he followed her to the bed. He hadn't paid much attention to the room itself, having been distracted by his two loves. But it looked nice, suited to modern sensitivities, and the bed was huge, more than enough for the three of them.

Amy began to undo the bed, taking away the cover and fluffing the pillows. Ucchii waited for a second standing next to her, feeling awkward—feeling he should do something. He decided on what soon, moving to hug her from behind, his hands on her waist and his chin on her shoulder.

"Do you need any help, Amy-dono?" he asked. The impure thoughts of before came to him again, and before he noticed, his hands were sliding over her hips, trying to find out if there was any underwear underneath.

She shivered in his arms and pressed herself against him. "Ucchii…"

He bit his lower lip and then forced himself to ask, "Would you say my name like that again?"

"Would you do something braver?" she asked back.

Braver than asking this?, Ucchii's scandalized mind yelled. However, he would have to be much, much braver than that if he wanted to survive the day. Thus, he did the most naughty thing he could think of right now: he allowed one of his hands to sneak under Amy's bathrobe, to touch her skin, to caress her.

She was not wearing anything underneath.

"Ucchii!" she moaned, guiding that hand between her legs herself.

The samurai felt his blood boil with desire. He was so hard by then he thought his pants were going to burst to set him free. His clothes needed to go—except that his other hand was already on its way inside the upper part of her bathrobe, and curled on top of one of her breasts, massaging it, and making Amy gasp and moan and rub herself against him. Ucchii moaned in turn, sure that she could feel him.

"Now you've started without me," King said, teasing. He stood in front of them, on the other side of the bed, looking at them intently, in a most predatory way.

Ucchii's self-consciousness returned for an instant, but he pushed it away as he realized how much he enjoyed that look on him. As much as he liked to feel Amy's skin beneath his hands.

"King," she said, teasing and breathless, at the same time she pressed her hand on Ucchii's erection, "Should we stop?"

Please, don't say we should, King dono! Ucchii pleaded silently, unable to get the words out, since even a moan got stuck in his throat at Amy's bold move.

Luckily, King was merciful. He shook his head. "Keep going. I like to look at you," he said. "You are beautiful. Both of you." That said, he began to undress, starting with his shirt and then unbuckling his belt. King a most beautiful chest, with well-defined muscles and tight skin.

More aroused than Ucchii had ever remembered to be, he began kissing Amy's neck, who tilted her head just as he began to give her more space and skin to caress. At the same time, she guided two of his fingers inside of her.

"Yes…" she whispered, and he thrusted his hips against her hand. "Oh, Ucchii…"

"Amy-dono…" he murmured back.

By then, King had finished undressing, and he was as hard as Ucchii. A most wonderful sight. He crawled over the bed to them, and the first thing he did upon reaching them was to untie Amy's bathrobe, leaving her exposed. She moaned again when he kissed her right before lowering his head to lick and suckle the breast Ucchii wasn't tending to.

Amy's hand on Ucchii's crotch went limp as she breathed faster and moaned louder, and her hips thrusted on Ucchii's fingers. He didn't care at all.

Soon, Amy shivered again, for a longer time now, and the whole of her went limp on Ucchii's arms. He moved his hand from her breast to surround her waist to hold her better as he carefully removed his fingers from her, so King could help her to discard the robe and lay down on the bed.

"That was fun," she mumbled, smiling at them, as she curled around a pillow.

Ucchii smiled shyly. "Yes, it was."

"Our turn, now," King said, tugging Ucchii's shirt.

Ucchii nodded. There was nothing he wanted more right now. Except… "King-dono, I—" It couldn't be that even now he struggled to find the words. "I—am so hard I'm not sure I can move."

King let out a deep sigh. "Ucchii, that has to be the most erotic thing you've ever said to me." He began to undo the buttons of Ucchii's pants. "Let me see you."

"As you wish," Ucchii replied. Not that he had much choice. He looked down to see King's deft hands undress him, taking down his underwear and revealing his need. When King wrapped his hand around him and stroke him, it was as if the entire universe concentrated in that one spot. He didn't know how much longer he would last.

"Amy, is there anything you want to see us doing?" King asked.

She went all red at the question. It was comforting to see Ucchii wasn't the only one on whom King had that effect. Yet, Amy sighed and looked straight at Ucchii's face before saying, "Suck him. I want to see how you do it. Maybe I can improve my technique."

"Your technique is already great, Amy," King replied, but did as she requested.

Ucchii moaned both their names as he felt King's hot mouth around him, his marvelous tongue working on his skin. He tried to hold back for as long as he could, but his will was already weak, and he still remembered Amy's warmth in his arms, and her wetness lingered in his fingers. He finished hard, one hand clenched on King's hair. It was his turn now to fall on the bed.

Amy began to take off his shirt, his last garment left. He didn't resist. Even less when she kissed him gently. "Don't fall asleep," she whispered in his ear. "We need to gang up on King."

He chuckled and spared a glance toward King, who was sitting on his knees right where he left him, his own royal desire on display. It made sense for Ucchii and Amy to team up to take care of him.

"What shall we do?" he asked, lowering his voice in turn.

She grinned. "Just follow me."

Without further warning, Amy pounced on King, making him fall on the bed on his back. He laughed, and so did she. Then, Ucchii joined them, both in laughter and in helping Amy to pin King down. Any resistance the later put out was only for show, and soon he alternated between kissing one and the other. Ucchii followed all of Amy's cues, kissing King's neck and chest, until they were down, licking his hardness in unison, getting the most delicious moans as a reward.

"I'm so lucky," he purred, one hand on each of their heads.

We all are, Ucchii would have said, if his mouth hadn't been busy at the time. He and Amy took turns to suck him, but both of them collected the prize when King finished, taking everything in until he was all spent.

The three of them cuddled together, then, naked and happy, hugging in such a way that ensured each of them touched at least the other two.

Ucchii had never been more content. "This was to be the most erotic afternoon ever."

King laughed again. "Give me a moment and I'll prove you it can get better."

"We'll prove it can get better," Amy said, nuzzling Ucchii's neck.

And, of course, they fulfilled their word.

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