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[personal profile] laurelin pidió comentario del fic publicado originalmente aquí.

No podía no escribir esto, ¿bien? Es algo que me había venido comiendo la mente porque Optimus le prometió a Raf que le llevaría una bola de nieve del polo y no lo hizo. ;_; Si bien se entiende perfectamente por las circunstancias y Raf es lo bastante maduro para entenderlo, YO SÉ QUE PRIME NO SE QUEDÓ CON LOS BRAZOS CRUZADOS POR NO HABER CUMPLIDO. ;A; /dork

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[personal profile] murderinghours pidió pidió el fic que fue publicado originalmente acá.

Bien, comencemos con los comentarios. Hace mucho que no releo este (de hecho, es muy, muy raro que relea algo que escribí después de postearlo), así que a ver qué sale.

Si mal no recuerdo, lo escribí poco después que terminé de leer el quinto libro de PJO y me quedé pensando en la niebla y cómo funcionaba. Luego pensé en Polly cómo podría afectarle.

Título: Tu verdad es lo que percibes
Fandom: Apollo Justice/Percy Jackson
Personajes/Parejas: Apollo Justice, Trucy Wright, Phoenix Wright, Annabeth Chase, Quirón, Percy Jackson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare
Rating: PG
Palabras: ~2800
Resumen: El poder de percepción de Apollo trae consigo efectos secundarios de lo más particular.
Spoilers: Para The Last Olympian. De Apollo Justice no hay spoilers.
Notas de autor: Escrito para el prompt 15 de la tabla de frases del reto de mundo_caotico.

La única razón por la que puse en Personajes los nombres con apellido de todos fue para poner Rachel Elizabeth Dare completo y que no se viera mal. Trufax.


Tu verdad es lo que percibes - Edición comentarios de DVD )

Y bueno

Dec. 29th, 2010 02:18 pm
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Portada: "Berta y Búha, cuidadoras de perros de Cornelia Funke."

Contraportada: "Para los más pequeños, y para quienes aman a los perros..."

Yo: OMG that's like so me dkjfaljdf

Página 2: "Pipo, su perrito, saltó hacia Berta, ladrando."


So. Yeah.
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Day 30 - What book are you reading right now?

Well, since I finished that last one by Gaarder last Sunday, I haven't picked up another one because RECKLESS COMES OUT TODAY dkfjalkdja.

So, I'll be reading that later today. |D

And the meme is done. Finally.

/rolls around waiting for the time to come

Also, I'm very hungry D:

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I signed up to [personal profile] spook_me asking to write vampires in the Pushing Daisies-verse. |'DD (HALP)

Day 29 - Saddest character death OR best/most satisfying character death (or both)

I do have an answer for this one. It's a character dead quite sad but also very satisfying because of the way it's written. So, it hurt, but it hurt good. |DDDD

Spoilers for Inkspell.



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The missing doodle! by [personal profile] beyourwings. It has spoilers for the ending of the silly crossover of doom. So, yeah. ILU Sha :D ♥

Day 28 - First favorite book or series obsession

I feel like this is a repeated question.

As I've said, I don't obsess easily, and my first favorite book was the first one I read, so:

Little Women.

Oh, and tangentially related: I bought an anthology of short stories by Michael Ende. *_* And Reckless comes out on Tuesday. **__**

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More doodles by [personal profile] beyourwings! 8D

Manly Harry is manly.
The bit with the shield.
The batmobile vs the Blue Beetle. Sorta.

Day 27 – If a book contains ______, you will always read it (and a book or books that contain it)!

Words. :D/


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[personal profile] beyourwings drew some doodles based on the Batman/Dresden Files crossover of doom. :D I was hoping she would draw more, but she said she wasn't inspired enough. ;;

Well, here they are. All but the first are sort of Harry's mental theater of stuff that was going on during the story. :P

Murphy and Gordon. Together, they fight crime! By sending their consultants to the field! )

Batman and Harry, with their respective cape and duster. )

Harry and his Dresdensignal! :D )

Harry and Batman eating Mexican food! )

Harry Dresden killing the Batmobile. )

Now, meme.

Day 26 – OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending

This is another easy one. (Funny how it's always easier for me to choose what I like less than what I like better, isn't it?)

La parcela

By José López Portillo y Rojas.

This is a 1898 novel based  around the Romeo&Juliet plot with a happy ending that read pretty much like your average Pedro Infante movie, but that's not what's wrong with it. What annoyed me to no end was when, at the end, after the girl's father commits mass murder, he gets away with it. Because it would bring dishonor to his wife and daughter even though the Romeo in this story was still willing to marry his Juliet regardless of what her father had done. But she wouldn't marry him if he let his father shame her and her mother by sending her father to jail.

So, yes, the dishonor wasn't that he'd blown up the damn at night and flooded the valley killing more than a handful families of farm workers that were peacefully asleep. It was that he was about to go to jail if his enemy blew the whistle and call the authorities.

But he didn't because he wanted his son to be happy so they reconciled and they lived happily ever after. And who cares about the farm workers; they weren't land owners anyway.


Oh, and the Romeo's father was supposed to be a good person and have good relations with his workers, so this ending also ruins his characterization like whoa.


I was actually enjoying that novel up to that point. D:

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I need to stop neglecting the 30 days on books meme. I could say that the Batman/Dresden Files crossover I posted yesterday ate my life... which would be true, since it made me angst for the past couple of weeks--with an overdose of cosmic angst at the last minute because, if there's something I'm not good at, it's choosing a title. So I sort of lost two hours last night just looking for one that wasn't "The Amazing Adventures of the Wacky Wizard and the Cape Crusader" (which yes, [personal profile] beyourwings, it's an awesome title, but it'd be more fun if Harry himself--or probably Thomas--were to drop it within the story, but I digress).

As I was saying regarding the meme: I'll re-take it one question at a time again. Hopefully, I'll manage this time. There are only five questions left, anyway.

Day 25 – Any five books from your “to be read” stack

That should be easy. :D/

- Memoria  de Dragón by Javier Negrete (That'd be Dragon Memory, I guess)

- A book about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz by Margo Glantz (who recently won an award for her literary work in a Romance language)

- An anthology of short stories about the traditions surrounding the death of children in the Mexican countryside. This one has a story beyond both the morbidity and anthropological interest, and it has to do with how I learned about it and how I got my copy. For free. 8D I may tell it later after I read it.

- Luna cara de conejo by Teresa Valenzuela (Rabbit-faced Moon, again, would be my guess). A collection of theatrical plays for children. It's published by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (Mexico's Department of Public Education), so I'm being all judgemental about it and wary of the literary quality of this work. The SEP tends to favor stories with a strong moral they approve. Hey, I don't blame them, but their books also tend to be rather dull. So, yeah.

- Tales from the White Heart by Arthur C. Clarke.

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This once, I've been neglecting on purpose the meme because, just in case it hasn't been all cleared up, I don't actually like have to choose one thing I like the best from a pool of thinks I love. It makes me feel I'm neglecting everything else. :| (IDK, I'm weird.) So, I guess I'll keep on cheating.

Also, I've been sorta busy being evil to characters I love in the RPG I play in. :x

And: why does the Grave of the Fireflies soundtrack have to include dialogues? D: WHY

Day 22 – Favorite non-sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships

ô.o What's with this questions? Do I have to choose the friendship I like best or a romantic relationship where the characters haven't gone to bed? IDGI


Day 23 – Most annoying character ever

I think I've said it before, but my tolerance to fictional characters is quite high. I mean, I do tend to like characters I'd love to strangle if I ever met them IRL, and pretty much the only secure way to make me dislike a character is if that character doesn't fulfill a function in the narrative. But. Uh... I think it'd be between Paris from The Illiad and Umbridge from Harry Potter? /cheats like a cheating thing // suddenly amused by the randomness of those choices

Day 24 – Best quote from a novel


I do have a collection of those, actually. In a notebook somewhere. But I don't recall one in particular right now, and it'd be in Spanish anyway and I don't feel like translating.

Take that, meme. :x

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Like last entry, rinse and repeat.

Day 20 – Favorite kiss

Since, I've said previously, romance tends to bore me, and therefore it's absolutely not why I read anything, well... I can only remember two kisses in particular o.O: Westley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride and [Spoilers]Percy and Annabeth in The Last Olympian, because it's recent and [Spoiler]I found it amusing that it was underwater, because it was so fitting. :p[/spoilers]

Day 21 – Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

...Huh... See the answer above. I do ship stuff, but I don't recall any particular pairing. Although I'm tempted to say Mo/Dustfinger just to troll the meme. xp

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Day 17 – Favorite story or collection of stories (short stories, novellas, novelettes, etc.)


The first one that pops into my head (which is the next best thing) is:


By Julio Cortázar.

That's the story of a man who ends up far too identified with an axolotl.


It's far better than it sounds. 8D You can't go wrong with Cortázar.

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* I don't know why I hadn't seen Hot Fuzz before. I'm not one to watch buddy cop movies, but this one is just amazing. It's funny and dramatic and the climax was just freaking brilliant. Enough to even warrant the extra html to the very least. :D
Now I want to watch Shaun of the Dead again. XD; But I promised [personal profile] kalligeneia I'd see The Silence of the Hams first, and I haven't finished watching the second season of Pushing Daisies. And there are a few other things in that queue.

* I got the Dead After Dark audiobook and I finished listening to chapter 3 a while ago. I don't have much contact with Southern American English, so it's a good listening exercise. I'm understanding practically everything. \o/
Also, this is so anti-Twilight it's not funny. No, wait, it is! Starting with the fact that the prose doesn't want me to take my eyes out--although that could be said about most printed fiction. :x
Other than that, so many details in this book are the exact opposite of Twilight: Dead After Dark happens in the south; Bill has a "faint glow" only Sookie can see; Sookie is the one who can read minds and I don't want to strangle her she rescues Bill first from danger; Bill is sympathetic and I don't want to strangle him tender and sweet and at the same time, Sookie and the reader are reminded constantly of how dangerous and terrifying he actually is.
So far, I'm liking it. 8D

Day 16 – Favorite poem or collection of poetry

Again, having to decide just one drop from a very vast ocean. /o\ But I told [personal profile] danly I would give an answer this time, and here it is.

Charles Baudelaire

La Nature est un temple où de vivants piliers
Laissent parfois sortir de confuses paroles;
L'homme y passe à travers des forêts de symboles
Qui l'observent avec des regards familiers.

Comme de longs échos qui de loin se confondent
Dans une ténébreuse et profonde unité,
Vaste comme la nuit et comme la clarité,
Les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent.

Il est des parfums frais comme des chairs d'enfants,
Doux comme les hautbois, verts comme les prairies,
--Et d'autres, corrompus, riches et triomphants,

Ayant l'expansion des choses infinies,
Comme l'ambre, le musc, le benjoin et l'encens,
Qui chantent les transport de l'esprit et des sens.

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Day 15 – Your “comfort” book

...I don't have one.

So sad. |D

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Day 13 – Favorite childhood book OR current favorite YA book (or both!)

I'm going to go with a) this time. As a child, I do remember being quite smitten with:

The Call of the Wild

I did read it several times, and I hereby formally accuse Jack London for my undying, never-fading love for dogs. Also, from what I remember from that novel and what I've observed in the behavior or my own dogs, his descriptions are quite accurate. /nostalgia googles off.

Also, because it's an unfair and cruel question, I'm going to cheat again: I was a big Jules Verne fan as a pre-teen, so most of his work goes here too. And let's no forget Nils Holgersson nor Tom Sawyer nor... Well, you get the picture. :p

Day 14 – Favorite character in a book (of any sex or gender)


I mean, I love so many characters so much and it's so hard to decide on just one. D: I mean, I could say Samwise Gamgee because I already answered with him a few entries ago, but where would that leave Bastian or Momo? Or that lovable drunkard clown Jojo? Or the several incarnations of King Arthur and Robin Hood? Or even Karrin Murphy and that stupid wizard Harry Dresden? Or the blue stone in Jimmy Liao's picture book? And what about Don Quijote and the little prince and his rose and his fox?

I officially hate this question. :|

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Day 12 – A book or series of books you’ve watched read more than five times

I hadn't realized about that one mistake in the question list. But there, fix'd.

As for the answer, again, a difficult one since I don't keep a count on those things. But I'll take the safest bet and go with:

Little Women

The first novel I ever read, and not only once. And I don't think this one needs further introduction. ♥

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Day 11 – A book that disappointed you

Other than this one? >>;; Then I'll go with the title that's jumping up and down in my head once more.

Magos y guerreros

Mages and Warriors I think it'd be a translation as good as any. It's originally in Spanish and I dread to look if it's been translated to any language. I don't even remember the name of the author, but I do remember that at the very page of the book it said it was a pseudonym for two sisters whose names I don't remember either.

I bought it because the cover looked sort of neat--a Nosferatus-like creature in an aggressive pose in front of a Mayan-like temple--and the back cover promised an adventure rooted in Mayan mythology with Veracruz as the setting. I must say that I stopped reading way before finding out how much of that was true--except for the Veracruz part. It does begin in a fishermen town somewhere in that state, where everyone is Poor But Happy.

I do give a lot of points to the book for having an elderly man as a protagonist, which I don't see often in this kind of fantasy except when the author is a middle-aged man sorting out the issues of his own mortality. But all the points I take for having the worse prose I've read outside of badfics make the numbers thread into negative territory. It's like that book never saw a competent editor. I remember I reached out for a pencil when I was reading it and crossed many unnecessary lines, while writing "WTF THIS MAKE NO SENSE" in the margins several times. There was also at least three out-of-the-blue, not-sense-making switches between past and present tense in less than five chapters which happened in the middle of a paragraph.

Other than that, the pacing was awful and it wanted to go all bucolic but it just came out patronizing.

So, yeah. I was disappoint. :|b

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