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[personal profile] beyourwings drew some doodles based on the Batman/Dresden Files crossover of doom. :D I was hoping she would draw more, but she said she wasn't inspired enough. ;;

Well, here they are. All but the first are sort of Harry's mental theater of stuff that was going on during the story. :P

Murphy and Gordon. Together, they fight crime! By sending their consultants to the field! )

Batman and Harry, with their respective cape and duster. )

Harry and his Dresdensignal! :D )

Harry and Batman eating Mexican food! )

Harry Dresden killing the Batmobile. )

Now, meme.

Day 26 – OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending

This is another easy one. (Funny how it's always easier for me to choose what I like less than what I like better, isn't it?)

La parcela

By José López Portillo y Rojas.

This is a 1898 novel based  around the Romeo&Juliet plot with a happy ending that read pretty much like your average Pedro Infante movie, but that's not what's wrong with it. What annoyed me to no end was when, at the end, after the girl's father commits mass murder, he gets away with it. Because it would bring dishonor to his wife and daughter even though the Romeo in this story was still willing to marry his Juliet regardless of what her father had done. But she wouldn't marry him if he let his father shame her and her mother by sending her father to jail.

So, yes, the dishonor wasn't that he'd blown up the damn at night and flooded the valley killing more than a handful families of farm workers that were peacefully asleep. It was that he was about to go to jail if his enemy blew the whistle and call the authorities.

But he didn't because he wanted his son to be happy so they reconciled and they lived happily ever after. And who cares about the farm workers; they weren't land owners anyway.


Oh, and the Romeo's father was supposed to be a good person and have good relations with his workers, so this ending also ruins his characterization like whoa.


I was actually enjoying that novel up to that point. D:

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Day 11 – A book that disappointed you

Other than this one? >>;; Then I'll go with the title that's jumping up and down in my head once more.

Magos y guerreros

Mages and Warriors I think it'd be a translation as good as any. It's originally in Spanish and I dread to look if it's been translated to any language. I don't even remember the name of the author, but I do remember that at the very page of the book it said it was a pseudonym for two sisters whose names I don't remember either.

I bought it because the cover looked sort of neat--a Nosferatus-like creature in an aggressive pose in front of a Mayan-like temple--and the back cover promised an adventure rooted in Mayan mythology with Veracruz as the setting. I must say that I stopped reading way before finding out how much of that was true--except for the Veracruz part. It does begin in a fishermen town somewhere in that state, where everyone is Poor But Happy.

I do give a lot of points to the book for having an elderly man as a protagonist, which I don't see often in this kind of fantasy except when the author is a middle-aged man sorting out the issues of his own mortality. But all the points I take for having the worse prose I've read outside of badfics make the numbers thread into negative territory. It's like that book never saw a competent editor. I remember I reached out for a pencil when I was reading it and crossed many unnecessary lines, while writing "WTF THIS MAKE NO SENSE" in the margins several times. There was also at least three out-of-the-blue, not-sense-making switches between past and present tense in less than five chapters which happened in the middle of a paragraph.

Other than that, the pacing was awful and it wanted to go all bucolic but it just came out patronizing.

So, yeah. I was disappoint. :|b

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Day 05 – A book or series you hate

Curiously enough, this is an easy one. There is this one book I know of that fills me with irrational hatred, and the only one I've ever thrown to the garbage:


That book it's not only hideously written, worse plotted and just plain awful. But that isn't the--only--reason I dislike it so actively. I hate it because, on top of it, the author, Carlos Trejo, is a scammer and the book is a scam that worked. There's even a movie based on it! I haven't seen it, but I've heard it's as bad as the source material.

Anyway, the book it's about your average ghost story about a family that lives in a haunted house, and they go on gruesomely dying one by one. Original, innit? The author made it pass as a true story and people believed him. The guy was on several talk-shows as a guest, got his own show, and, long story short, made a fortune of not only from the story he wrote, but also by selling edited videos and pictures of ghosts he took from the internet and claimed as his own. He claimed that he and his team had filmed those videos and taken those photographs and on his website he threatened with a lawsuit to anyone who dared to say otherwise.

For added fun, one of the persons allegedly killed by the ghost in his book sued Trejo later for being a lying liar who lied--and, I'm guessing here, for not giving her some of the money he was making out of her death. Or maybe it was a publicity stunt, IDK.

...TL;DR It isn't the book itself, it's the whole story surrounding it. BUT THIS STILL COUNTS FOR THE MEME, RIGHT?

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(Pictures aren't mandatory for these memes, right? D| /lazy)

Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

I'm going with the second option and pick one book series I wish they would stop already.

And, the winner is:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Story-wise, this should have ended with The Last Olympian. Or at least, I think it isn't a good idea that the next books happen the way the author is proposing. Spoilery reasons to follow. )

And that was all for today's rant, I guess. I do feel better.

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Have you seen The Smurfs teaser trailer?

It's awful. D: D: D: D:

They are from Belgium and they live in a forest. WHAT THE SMURF ARE THEY DOING IN SMURFING NEW YORK? Dude, the "X goes to the Big City" stopped being funny/interesting/ORIGINAL decades ago. But the Hollywood "creatives" never get any memo.
I'm this close to bet that it will include some important subplot (that will become the main plot at the end) about a estranged (heterosexual) couple that the smurfs are going to bring back together. Why? Because all these movies come all from the same mold and it does look like one of those where the people involved become so enamored with the technology and the fact that they make animated characters interact with real actors that they forget that little detail called 'story'.


Also, the smurfs themselves look so ugly. Like they were saying last night at the rp IRC channel, they give credibility at the old urban legends about the smurf plushies that smurfed stealthily through the house with a bloody knife on their hand.
(I was about 6 when I was told that one, and I had a smurf plushie that was about my size back then. :D)

The only good that came from all of that, is that I remembered this. It was a hand-me-down long play from my brother, but I loved it so much.

Just looking at the cover makes me all fuzzy inside. ;_; /loves Taringa
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I've been trying to write a story about a hamster all day, but it just doesn't go anywhere. Either I got too nostalgic because I named the main character after my late hamster, or the tl;dr is nothing but a sign that this is going to be epic long.

Maybe I should switch to bunnies after all.
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I didn't see The Book of Eli today, but I finished reading The Name of the Wind.

I absolutely loved it! ♥♥♥♥ The only thing I didn't like is that the next one doesn't come out until next year, and then I know it's going to be a long wait until the third one. But even that's fine, if the others are going to be just as good.

I loved the characters! I loved the settings! It irritates me seeing it compared to Harry Potter! :D

Now, I do like HP but not only I see this one much, much better written but also I don't see why every book with a school of magic has to be compared with HP. Specially since the University in TNotW teaches also 'mundane' subjects and anyone smart enough--or rich enough--can go there, unlike Hogwarts, where only children born with magic can go. Another important difference is that most of the action in HP happens in Hogwarts, while that's not the case in TNotW. Yes, big things happen in the University, but most of the action happens in other places: the roads, Tarbean, the taverns, Trebon... (Oh, the scene in Trebon! ♥!)

Not even the structure is similar. TNotW is Kvothe telling his story, while in HP we see it happening along with Harry.

Those books are just so different. But now that I think about it, maybe the comparison was made for marketing reasons. Which then would make sense from that point of view, even though I still strongly disagree. Mainly because I'm tired of seeing everything fantasy compared to Harry Potter, specially when there's no relation. It's annoying.
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Uh. [personal profile] beyourwings, [personal profile] comfortingsounds, I think it'll be better if you skip this. >.>;;


I'm very confused here. It's like this series can't keep its characters straight.

Spoilers here. Continuity, what's that? )


Apr. 15th, 2010 12:29 pm
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Sigourney Weaver acusa a la Academia de sexista - Bien, suena interesante. *lee*
Weaver señaló la manera en que la Academia parecía darle el premio a Kathryn Bigelow por el hecho de ser mujer, así mismo la producción modesta de la ex esposa de Cameron estaba más “de moda” por ser precisamente eso, pequeña y modesta.


No, en serio. Qué.

Digo, no he visto ninguna de las dos películas y hace mucho que le perdí toda fe a los Óscares, pero habiendo tantas situaciones verdaderamente sexistas en ese medio ¿salir con eso? Creo que basta con ir a ver cuántos hombres han ganado ese premio contra cuántas mujeres para ver que el argumento de plano no aplica. *baffled*


Esto también suena muy interesante (las imágenes son medio creepy). Hanako-san es un fantasma que espanta en el tercer baño del tercer piso de las escuelas japonesas. Me acordé de Moaning Myrtle, pero por lo que entiendo, Hanako-san es menos emo y más homicida. También, está esto: "Another legend from Yamagata prefecture claims that Hanako-san is actually a 3-meter-long, 3-headed lizard that uses a little girl’s voice to attract prey."

Aunque la mejor parte es: "if you ever need to get rid of her, try showing her a graded exam with a perfect score. Some legends claim that the sight of good grades makes her vanish into thin air" porque me dio la imagen del Host Club defendiéndose del fantasma con los trabajos escolares de Haruhi. 8Da
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I got an account @ AO3. I've been poking it and uploading a couple of things. And I realized the Doctor Who/Wall·E crossover doesn't have a title. I'll think of one one of this days.

It's nice that I just type 'ao3' in the address bar in Firefox and it redirects to the site. It's also quite nice that when I imported, AO3 took the data from the header of each entry and converted it to tags! The right tags even! It's like magic! /silly

And that reminded me: did you know fanfiction is a satanic ploy? I kid you not:
[Fan fiction] is not harmless entertainment but rather a satanic ploy to engage fans to use spiritual imagination (taboo in Scripture) to conjure and create their own reality, a central belief of witchcraft.

Granted, she's talking about Twilight thus maybe there's a grain of truth there, and I don't like Twilight, so I'm not going to defend it, but it's so painfully obvious this reviewer didn't even watch the movie it's hilarious. Except because the way she confuses fiction with reality is depressing.

Yet, I think my favorite bit is probably this one:
For centuries, vampires have been part of folklore and mythology, understood to be ugly, dark creatures of morbid horror, close to the dead, sometimes known as the undead for they claim eternal life and subsist by feeding on human blood, roam in darkness, avoid the light, and are enemies of the human race.

This repulsive concept was changed with the popularization of Bram Stoker’s famous 1897 novel about a fictionalized vampire Count Dracula, who was presented as an aristocrat Transylvanian nobleman. He was imbued with supernatural powers, superhuman capabilities and a lustful passion for beautiful ladies...

I was left with the impression that maybe I need to read Stocker's novel again, since I find that vampire rather repulsing as well. Intriguing yet repulsive. [Also, my inner Alucard is laughing nearly as much as when I found the Dracula pop-up book. The downsides of rping a trollerific vampire. :/]

To each their own, though.
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Introduction and some whining. ) I was so happy when I found La panza del Tepozteco (The Tepozteco's Belly) by José Agustín, which is about a group of kids who get lost inside a mountain and meet Aztec gods. This is rare. Since not much people know about them, even less people write about them.
Also, I think this kind of modern retellings are a great way to introduce people to mythology and legends and other older works. They may take some liberties here and there, but they don't hurt, and there's always the chance they pique the reader's interest and make them go learn more about the sources.

So, even if I didn't exactly enjoyed the other one book by this author I read (he's written several novels, and I've been told again and again he's really good, so maybe I'm just unlucky), I bought this one. I don't regret it, but I'm throughly disappointed.

Commentary without spoilers. )

The worst part about this is that I don't think children's/YA's literature must teach something. I don't want it either. Just like literature for adults, its main function should be to entertain. It's just that good literature --the age group it was marketed to is not important here-- always leaves us something, even if it isn't its intention. In my case, mostly when it isn't its intention.

I just want well-researched and well-written fiction about Pre-Hispanic mythologies. It looks like I'm going to have to do it myself. He.
Truly, I just wanted the excuse.

P.S. All of this reminded me of what Sandra Comino references in her book about censorship. She mentions an article about 'serious' writers who write for children thinking it would be easier than writing for adults and actually relaxing. Well, newsflash! It isn't! Children are smart, can be very critic and they usually say upfront when they don't like something. They do deserve our respect as authors.


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1) Every time I try to follow my dad's instructions to go somewhere, I end up driving in circles for half an hour. D| I should really just nod and then follow my own routes when/since he's not looking. I should have learned that by now. DD|
Also: three hours in line! WTH. Long lines were long and slow cashiers were slow and I nearly finished Steinbeck's book and made paper cranes with pamphlets in between chapters. I really dislike bureaucracy. :/

2) Since LJ is being slow like a slow thing, I'll put my commentary on Being Human 1x02 here.

Behind a cut this time because I want to be more specific. )
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You know? When I'm watching a horror movie, I like to be drawn into a proper, suspenseful atmosphere as soon as possible, not to spend half an hour from an hour-and-a-half movie watching an office drama. I want to be scared, gdi! D| [Either that or laugh at the narm or special effects failure (imagine links to TVTropes right there)]

And no, the first few minutes with the kid being swallowed by the floor don't count. That's the narm I was talking about, yes, but it's an ineffectual frame for the rest of the movie because the connection between those events and what comes next is rather convoluted; they happened too long ago (late 60s), the location is unclear, and there's a lack of relation between a Hispanic family who lost a child to demons in 1969 and a White young woman working in a bank in the first decade of the 21st Century. Fiction has its ways and this is stretching them a little bit too much.

Besides, what actually connects the events is the fact that the kid stole a necklace from a gypsy cart and the woman who casts the curse on our protagonist is also a gypsy. The whole thing would've made more sense if the same necklace had been used instead of a random button; as it is, it just means the Romani people go around casting disproportionate punishments whenever they feel like it. I mean, the old lady didn't end up in the streets, she went to live with her daughter, and the kid --crap, the kid-- yes, he stole something but just chase him down and spank him, dude, --or have the demons spank him if you have to traumatize him forever--, but sending him --them-- to hell was way, way too much. :|

And that was not the only problem I had with this movie. )

And I came out with all of that during the movie. I usually do my analyses after I'm done watching/reading (I love analyses, they are a big part of how I enjoy things), but... Let's just say that when you're a filmmaker, your goal is to retain your audience's attention from the beginning to the end of the film, therefore to give them time for their minds to wander around so much is definitely in the list of "don't"s.


1) Drag Me To Hell is like Jigoku Shojo only lamer.

2) The Asian horror movies I've seen recently have spoilt me. :|
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[General 'you' all along the post]

I don't usually participate in debates on the internet mostly because I'm truly lazy. I mean, sometimes I don't even read the most relevant post/comments on the matter. This hasn't changed, really, but since I do write fanfic and I am interested in fiction writing in general, I do have an opinion on this that I'm going to write down and make public even though no-one is going to care about it --again, laziness keeps me from promoting myself and I tend to be scared of fandom (it has a lot do to with one of my first fandom experiences being cut for creepy fangirly stuff. )


Back to the subject at hand, what I've to say is:

I actually enjoy gory and over-the-top-violent fiction --one of my favorite films while growing up was RoboCop (alongside Labyrinth, I'm weird like that)-- and at the same time I understand why some people may not like seeing guts flying all over the screen nor reading in detail about blood on a wall, so I do know that I can't go around recommending neither the Predator movie nor Clive Barker's stuff to just about anybody even though I'd love to have more people around to talk about those morbid things I like.

What I mostly try to do is go around doing is warning friends and family when, for example, 'one of those movies' I've watched is beginning on tv. "Hey, you won't like that one, it has graphic close ups of wounds/torture/mutilation/that thing you probably won't like to see." And that's good because I prefer seeing friends and family changing channels than to see them upset because I didn't tell them about the scary stuff in there.

Because, you know, this is about sharing, but mostly about caring.

You post your fanfic on the 'net from everyone to see. That's sharing.

You state somewhere before the text 'x act of violence happens here'. That's caring because you just gave the option to anyone who's triggered by x to skip that one fic. You don't have to say to whom it happens nor how it happens, only that it does and that's it.

Writing --and art in general-- is a lot about transgression and breaking molds and bounds and making people think and feel but it just can't be about inflicting unsuspected violence, specially not on those who had suffered it already.

Books, movies, art galleries have warnings. (Ever been to the Torture Museum? I have. It's shocking and sad and scary but I knew what I was getting into thanks to all the signs on the entrance when I chose to buy the ticket.) Those things do have warnings but your fanfic doesn't because you're a special snowflake that can't write.

Yes, that's right. It may be unfair, but if you say that you don't want to warn about sensitive things on your fic because it compromises your precious artistic integrity, I'm going to just assume that you don't know a thing about writing --nor about what artistic integrity really means-- because this tends to mean that the fic in question depends only on the Surprise!Shock Twist and one of the first lessons in fiction writing (fan and original) is that the 'how it happened' matters a lot more than the 'what happened'.

Building up the tension in a story is the most important part of it, even if it's only a drabble. If you can't even do that, well, there's lots and lots of other authors, pro and fan, whose stories are worth reading.

As for me, I am going to warn in the headers of my fic the best I can.
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Ok, ok, tantrum's over. I'm feeling quite better now, so I think I'll use this still to mirror fics and when I feel like talking about fandom stuff in English.

For example: I've watched the first five episodes of the Hetalia anime. Not my thing. Besides I can't stand Italia (the character, of course orz), and I just can't watch/read anything with a character I find that annoying in the main cast.
At least I tried?

Now, about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time movie. Cut for spoilers. )

BTW, I can't stop thinking about a crossover with the Whoverse. *is shot*
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De la marejada de películas sobre ratas que han pululado en la historia de Hollywood, una de las más cercanas y más infantiles es Ratatouille (2007), una visión afrancesada que se enfoca sobre el enfrentamiento entre la efemeridad de la existencia y la necesidad humana de perdurar eternamente en la memoria de los otros. Desde una perspectiva completamente gastronómica, que no excluye los pimientos como moneda de cambio, Ratatouille es profundamente alucinógena. La vida de Remy Ratatouille es un retrato surrealista de las contraculturas que se arrastran desde las mitologías hippies: con guitarras, mota, hongos y minivans.

Pero eso es lo de menos. Los niños se arrojan las pelotas unos a otros y pierden el hilo de lo que aprendieron en clase, haciendo perder la paciencia a los adultos que los acompañan. Semejantes por entero a los documentales del Animal Planet, los primeros minutos transcurren en la campiña francesa poblada por ratas y una mujer con una escopeta que busca afanosamente a las ratas para deshacerse de ellas, pero no las encuentra así que tiene que aguantarse. Quizá para nada al igual que en las películas policiacas del siglo XX, Remy Ratatouille se desliza a través de las alcantarillas para llegar a París, no sin antes haber consumido un hongo obviamente alucinógeno que lo hace ver a un pequeño fantasma rechoncho una vez que los efectos comienzan a actuar en pleno. Imagino que Walt Disney inventó a Mickey Mouse y ahora alguien más se beneficia económicamente de ello.

La industria de la animación, repentinamente, inicia una campaña de aceptación alucinógena de los espacios de las cloacas. La voz de Remy Ratatouille se confunde con la del fantasmita que alucina y a quien otorga una identidad ontológica y a quien reviste de autoridad sobre él mismo. Voz pastosa, eco de la futura resaca que nos alcanza a todos en su momento. El drama del adicto magnificado en una pequeña ratita que tomó una gran dosis en una era en que las drogas sin prescripción son mal vistas. Tin Tan: la nuez. Y nuezquenotequiera, es que todos los días cantando en el baño me acuerdo de ti.

Estructurado alrededor de una bizarra historia sobre drogas que atrapan seres peludos, Ratatouille es un proyecto de animación que apuesta a poner en el mainstream que las drogas son buenas y deseables, dado que la alucinación provocada será una guía para lograr el éxito en la vida, justo como Requiem For A Dream owait. En esos instantes de frames congelados que abren la historia, aparece una rata robándose, ya bajo las influencia del hongo alucinógeno, un libro, todo un escenario macabro para el bibliófilo promedio, que ha tenido que soportar bibliotecas incendiadas y fotagas públicas varias a lo largo de la historia de la escritura en medios inflamables.


ETA: Contexto.
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Me rindo. Ya me demostré ampliamente que no puedo escribir nada que sea ficción más que a mano. IDK, muy probablemente porque necesito ver lo que taché por si luego es reutilizable, y al escribir en la computadora, lo que se borra... bueno, se borra y usar ctrl+z como que luego descompone todo. >.>

Recordé que no he comentado que hace tiempo comencé a ver la película de Ensayo sobre la ceguera. Traté de verla, en serio, pero. D:

Hasta donde vi, creo que cuando apenas van a recluir al personaje de Gael García, la historia se desarrollaba bastante fiel al libro en su estructura base, pero le falta el tratamiento mordaz que hace tan genial el libro. 8( Todo era tan Srs Bsns que se hacía plano y aburrido.

Por otro lado, lo visual. Me mareó. El director no dudo trataba de emular lo que (no) se veía con la ceguera blanca, pero las cortinillas para cambio de escena son horrendas y el manejo color... oh, sob, el color. ¿Qué color? Daban ganas de sacar las crayolas e ir a iluminar la pantalla, rly. Para muestra creo que el trailer basta.

En cuanto a la controversia causada por las organizaciones de ciegos, permítanme dedicarles sonora trompetilla, puesto que han perdido el punto del todo.

Explícome: el punto no es que los ciegos actúen como salvajes, el punto es quitarle a la gente una (1) sola cosa que da por sentado, verla caer en el pánico absoluto y observar cómo toda la civilización se va al carajo. Y el sentido de la vista es ideal porque, en términos generales, es el sentido más importante del ser humano.
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En términos simples, The Tale of Despereaux es algo que Drosselemeyer pudo haber escrito un día que se sentía especialmente empático con sus personajes. En serio, todos los protagonistas son tan. Trágicos: Roscuro anhela la luz que nunca podrá tener porque se supone que las ratas viven en la oscuridad, como se la pasan machacándole; Miggery Sow comienza por el nombre, termina por sus orejas, y pasa porque la vendieron cuando tenía 5 ó 6 años y tuvo una vida básicamente de esclavitud hasta que la llevaron de criada al castillo; Despereaux mismo es un ratón de un tercio del tamaño de un ratón normal, enfermizo, propenso a los desmayos, estigmatizado por la comunidad ratonil porque nació con los ojos abiertos y sus padres no lo defienden cuando el concejo de los ratones decide tirarlo al calabozo para que se lo coma las ratas. Y ni les cuento qué le pasó al carcelero (dentro de todo) amable que salvó a Despereaux a cambio de una historia.

Y esto sin contar todo lo que pasa que sí son spoilers.

De ahí que, cuando fui a ver la película, iba con la mentalidad de que algunas cosas iban a ser muy diferentes. Digo, con el puro "Despereaux Tilling es un ratoncito valiente" del trailer cuando en el libro, repito: "es un ratón de un tercio del tamaño de un ratón normal, enfermizo, propenso a los desmayos". Porque es que, oye, es más fácil empatizar con un personaje que viene pre-programado desde el útero para no tener miedo que con uno que, a pesar de todos sus problemas, de todos sus defectos, es capaz de lograr grandes cosas, Hollywood sez.
¿Crecimiento de personaje? ¿Quéseso?

En fin. La cosa es que al final, aunque iba con esa idea de no ser purista ni nada, sí me decepcionó bastante.

Por un lado, cambiaron demasiadas cosas que no tenía caso cambiar, como el hecho de que Roscuro llegara en un barco; eso, y el mal desarrollo sólo hizo que su enorme desilusión, que en el libro cala de aquí al infinito, pareciera sólo un berrinche. Francamente, con esas, "el sentimiento más poderoso de todos es el perdón" no desgarra el corazón igual, lo siento. :/

¿Y qué onda con la rata nosferartu? No, rly, le hicieron ese diseño tan creepy sólo para hacer un mal chiste al final,

El marinero amigo de Roscuro es un personaje desperdiciado, pero más desperdiciado es el coso ese armado de frutas que parecía genio. Algo así como esto, pero más kid-friendly. Es como que cuando planeaban la película, en una reunión con TPTB alguien dijo "tengo una idea para un personaje" y los demás salieron con "awesome! vamos a desperdiciarlo acá! :D". Y sí, en serio lo creo. :/ El concepto sí era bueno, pero no encajaba para nada en ese universo. Y es que. Ni siquiera hay magia ahí. A lo más, los ratones y las ratas pueden hablar, sólo eligen no hacerlo con los humanos, y eso no necesariamente tiene que ser por algo mágico. :/

Y, por otro lado, contar los plotholes que no existen en el libro es tarea de titanes. 8<

Pero lo que más me dolió fue que no incluyeran lo de "The world is dark and the light is precious" que va emparejado a "tell a story, make some light", que en contexto es precioso y le da todo el sentido a la historia, que en sí juega hermosamente con los contrastes de luz y oscuridad (el nombre completo de Roscuro es Claroscuro, por ejemplo). ;;__;;
[Y eso porque yo sabía que lo de " must know that an interesting fate, sometimes involving rats, sometimes not, awaits almost everyone, mouse or man, who does not conform." era no go desde el principio por cuestiones ideológicas y del sistema >.>;;]
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Esto me hizo reír demasiado. Y creo que los zapatos debieron darle en toda la cara. :'D

Hay un cierto tipo de personas que se da cuenta de que es posible abstraer ciertos elementos (como temas o tropos) que conforman la estructura de lo que lee y, como lo primero que leyó identificando esos elementos fue malo, entonces por descontado todo lo que lea o vea que contenga esos elementos será malo porque obviamente es el tratamiento que se les da, aunque sea muy diferente, no importa para nada. Y no se les saca de ahí, son inflexibles y da la impresión de que siempre están buscando el peor lado todo (y esa actitud me dan ganas de agarrar a patadas la pared). Además, ¿qué es eso de que no hay tantos temas para empezar? ¡Pfft!
Hace tiempo que llegué a mi límite de esta gente. Francamente, prefiero limitar el contacto porque se me sube la presión. >.>;; Y es que no hay manera de bajarlos del burro para discutir con ellos (discusión = intercambio de ideas) para llegar a un punto menos o una satisfactoria comprensión del tema a menos que uno esté de acuerdo del todo, lo cual es, bueno, difícil. */rant brought to you by the letter z fandom!secrets y la memoria de una antigua asociación*

No es justo que Claymore me haya hecho llorar. Dos veces. En dos volúmenes seguidos. ;_; Y sin embargo sigue siendo violento y awesome. Y el yoma awakened (¿? Así lo tradujeron donde yo lo leí o:) da harto miedo pero es pretty in a way y se ve muy elegante. */es rara*

Ya vi hasta el segundo episodio de Merlín. Merlín es tan DOOOOOOOOORK *lo ama* XD
Lo de cuando está limpiando y arreglando el equipo de Arturo con magia es taaaaaaaaan esta escena. x'33
Y me mata que al final del primer episodio, es
Uther: Tu recompensa: serás el criado personal del príncipe. \o/
Y el final del segundo:
Arthur: Tu recompensa: te va una montaña de trabajo. :D
Y eso de que le diga al dragón "just give me a straight answer" siento que es como una venganza en retroactivo. O tal vez sea una cadena: todos los viejitos sabio han tenido mentores crípticos y sienten que merecen desquitarse. =O
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Nuevo trailer de la película de Dragon Ball.
He llegado a la conclusión de que cuando TPTB discutían sobre el proyecto y conversaban sobre el guión, alguien por ahí sacó un proyecto que tenía guardado desde la secundaria que trataba de karatekas, mística pseudo-oriental y aliens, y como DB es sobre karatekas, pseudo-mística shonen por el lulz, y aliens (con el cyborg de ocasión), TPTB na'más le dieron el Vo.Bo. porque todo lo que se hace en el género de karatecas es exactamente lo mismo. Los aliens son el plus que le da la magia a esta franquicia, sin duda.

Hablando de la estupidez de Hollywood (la cual achaco yo a que tienen contadores caucásicos en vez de creativos a la cabeza), todo el asunto del horror que es el casting de Avatar me recordó algo que leí en un artículo sobre Los hijos de Anansi.

Más o menos: resulta que cuando le ofrecieron el movie deal a Gaiman le dijeron que querían remover el elemento fantástico y/o (no recuerdo si era 'y' o era 'o') poner a todo el cast blanco. A ambas situaciones la respuesta adecuada me parece que es: LOL NO.

Si se remueve el elemento fantástico, queda una comedia lela en que un hermano perdido aparece de pronto a joderle la vida al otro fomentar vínculos, se enfrentan contra un empresario corrupto y al final aprenden que nada es más importante que la familia y yay. Encima, se pierde por completo el significado del título y no duden que todo el meta de storytelling porque ¿QUE NO SABEN QUIÉN CARAJO ES ANANSI?

Si hacen a todo el cast blanco, se vienen todas las obvias impliaciones sociales que sería muy largo para rantear y encima se pierde por completo el significado del título y no duden que todo el meta de storytelling porque ¿QUE NO SABEN QUIÉN CARAJO ES ANANSI?

En resumen: IMO, es Terramar all over again pero peor porque una cosa es joder el canon creado por un escritor y otra muy diferente joder culturas milenarias aunque sea con algo que parece tan tonto, y más porque es algo que Gaiman trata con mucho respeto en su novela.
Lo primero igual apesta, pero un tantito menos.

Conclusión: Me alegra mucho que Gaiman estaba en posición de poder mandar al diablo a quienes le ofrecieron el trato. ;_;


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