Nov. 22nd, 2008 03:45 am
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* Después de lo que me contó Liz de Heroes 3x02 llegué a la conclusión de que prefiero que cancelen los programas a que les hagan un canon-rape de ese tamaño *hugs PD*

* El teaser trailer de la película en CGI de Astro Boy es... especial. XD Pareeeeeece que respetaron los diseños de los personajes, pero 30 segundos no son suficientes para juzgar nada.

* El trailer de Ice Age 3 es más bien un corto por sí mismo. Tampoco sirve para juzgar la película, pero adoro a esa ardilla-cosa rara. Lo que sí espero es que la calidad de guión no siga declinando, porque me encantó la primera pero la segunda me dejó 'meh'. Pero es que el bodoque era speshul. ;;

* Burn·E es demasiado, demasiado shiny y adorable. Además, presenta el segundo mejor uso de Oda a la alegría ever. \o\ (El primero es el de Beaker, of course.)
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El pasado fin de semana fue todo un fracaso para la industria cinematográfica, cuya recaudación en cines no llegó apenas ni a la mitad de lo esperado. La culpa: de Halo 3. O eso dicen los productores. - ¿Qué? ¿Producir películas malas ellos? ¡ESCÁNDALO! La culpa es totalmente de 1) un medio de entretenimiento del todo distinto y 2) de la libertad del público de hacer lo que les venga en gana, en lugar de pagarles dinero para ver una pelicula de Ben Stiller.

Spoilers para el capítulo 76 de FMA. Lograron que me sintiera un poquito mejor. XD

El episodio 2x04 de Héroes se quedó en Cliffhanger o'Doom en diferentes frentes. D: No es justo. Y sumado con el de FMA, El Universo está acabando con mis nervios. I can has --at leest-- next mondai tiem nao, plz? D:


Sep. 25th, 2007 11:31 pm
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This would explain a lot: Demonoid Shut Down by the CRIA. Though, according to the comments, it's still a rumor. Though maybe that's just wishful thinking. Though...

...y'know? I'd love it if Pipo just stopped licking the laptop's screen. -____- Now he has hiccups and I don't know if that's related, but it just proves The Universe doesn't like me getting angry with that dog. >.>;; Thank you, The Universe. [/like Sokka, only really, really sarcastic]

Now, Heroes 2x01. Spoilers behind the cut.

And I mean it. Spoilers here. Lots and lots of them. )

I'm sure I forgot a lot of things, but I'm getting hungry. So, c'ya! =)
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* Un número creciente de terapeutas recomiendan algo sorprendente para los pacientes deprimidos y quienes sufren de ansiedad: lea un libro. - La idea per se me agrada, a pesar de lo mucho que me molestan los libros de autoayuda (aún los recomendados por los especialistas... no, ESPECIALMENTE los recomendados por especialistas >w<), aunque tal vez yo sugeriría audiolibros más que el formato impreso.
* Author Stephen King was mistaken for a vandal when he started signing books during an unannounced visit to a shop in Australia, according to local media. - Now I want to be a famous author just to do this sort of things. XD

* You know? I read "I used to love X character, but her fangirls made me hate her" or some variation just too often, so I end up terrified of going near any fandom because I enjoy liking what I like (otherwise I wouldn't like it, but that's pretty much obvious, I think) and I don't want to stop. :/

* [ profile] telrunya made me watch Gintama. I've watched up to episode three. It is crack and I like the premise of a pre-Bakumatsu Japan being invaded by aliens. Also, the protagonist seems addicted to Shonen Jump and wants a bankai. And what's his sword made of? Oo;; Why in the world the damn, wooden thing can break metallic buildings?

* I'm (finally) reading Watchmen. I'm on issue number three and, among other things, it's making me think of a conversation I had not-that-long-ago with someone whose identity is not that important. What matters is that we were talking about Heroes and it turned out that the reason why I like the show is the exact same reason why he doesn't: the drama.
What he likes, he says, is the story to begin with action, with the superheroes coming and do superheroic stuff, saving the day with their special abilities, the less of a struggle --either physically or morally-- the better.
In other words, he doesn't like to have them coming down and being more human and I usually can't stand them when they're up there. I feel they're practically impossible to relate to if they at least don't question themselves 'why me?', for example. Or at least once in their lives consider there are other things they can do with their superpowers besides helping people and nothing more. Just that, consider it, even if they never stop helping.
There's a reason I like Batman better than Superman, and Donald Duck better than Mickey Mouse.

It has to do a lot with characterization and character growth, with endless continuity, with McCarthyism, and with many of the things I said in my post about Mary Sues --which remains untranslated to English. :D

I could go teal deer on this, but I'm lazy and Umberto Eco said it better in his essay about Superman.
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* House Tetris - Just watch it; it's amazing.
* 59 Of The Coolest Toilet Signs Around The World
* Star Wars The Musical. Yeah, I know.
* If your dad is a chemistry professor, asking "why" can be dangerous.

Two memes )


  • Heroes: Status Quo Ante. [Het. PG-13] After the events at the end of the first season, Mr. Bennet asks Niki for a favor. Spoilers for the whole first season. Niki/D.L. - Niki/Mr. Bennet
  • The Dresden Files (TV): The Chase. [Gen. G] Harry and Morgan are forced by the circumstances to work together. No spoilers.
  • Crossovers:
    * Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl: A Holiday. [Gen. PG] Artemis wants to see how Hogwarts is like. Spoilers for AF: just the first book; for HP: up to the third book.
    * Harry Potter/Good Omens: The Erumpent Horn. [Gen(ish). PG] Where the horn came from and why. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows. Crowley/Aziraphale. Probably.
    * Doctor Who/Lilo&Stitch: When in Rome.... [Captain Jack is here, so... that. PG] When the TARDIS lands on Hawaii, the first thing the crew sees is Gantu in hunting mode.

    And now, I run away.
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    Otherwise, it isn't. :3

    So, last night, when I became Internet-less, I decided to finish watching everything I had of Doctor Who on my hard drive, which was the whole second season and the very first Doctor Who episode. The 1x01 of Doom. :3
    All in all, it was one heckuva ride.

    It was very interesting how the pacing of that first episode was... well, slow. Slow to the point of annoyance. Seriously, I was nearly headdesking with all those pointless pauses and redundant dialogue. They did in half an hour what they could've done in ten minutes and get some actual plot going on. I mean, even if the ominous shadow outside the TARDIS worked as a cliffhanger, it could've been a lot better.
    Of course, I'm aware that 'm talking from this oh-so-modern perspective and probably that was the way things were done back then, because the directors and friends were still figuring things out.
    Also, I love the fact that the music theme is more or less the same after all this time. XD

    Now, about the revival. I still need to digest some things. But there are some spoilers about Second Season finale over here, thx. )

    I also saw the first episode of the second season of Dexter (as in "the serial killer", not the "weird genius kid").
    Official word was that the show isn't going to be broadcasted until September but, according to the Wiki, two episodes were leaked. Though I'm torn between whether they were really "leaked" or some smart member of the marketing department is trying to create expectations in the right wrong right way.
    The episode itself was good. The characters are recognizable and leave you still wondering how in the world a serial killer can be that sympathetic. o_o Which is in itself creepy and that's why I like the show. Part of the charm is that you don't know if you want to hug Dexter or run away from him as far as possible. Though, theoretically, most of us would be safe from him, since he only hunts other serial killers.
    ...and now that I think about it, how's that so many serial killers end up in Miami? Oo? Really, unsafest city evah. Even more than New York with its enhanced, exploding humans.
    ...and now I'd love Dexter trying to have a go on Sylar. *headdesk* Dex doesn't stand a chance against Sylar, true, but it'd be... Dunno, maybe Dex'd think of it going down with honors or something. Any takers? Please? >w<

    Finally, I also watched the Transformers movie. Now, all I know about Transformers I learnt it either from wikipedia or the second-hand information my brother gave me while on the line. I don't have the faintest idea of how the fandom is reacting, but I've seen people on my f-list who've been there longer and the reactions seem to be quite good; I'm taking that as a guide.
    Either way, I only have one thing to say:

    Transformers the Movie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HP5 The Movie.

    Total pwnage.

    And if I end up writing the Transformers/Knight Rider crossover, it's Nina's fault.
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    Because I know you've missed them! *runs*
    * This page makes me happy, because at/on/in give me lots and lots of trouble. ;_;
    * Noam Chomsky's blog
    * A translator for documents- I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know how efficient it is.
    * 'Ramen bath' - The original Naruto's wet dream! =3
    * "Do you love Harry Potter, but think you're too old and too awesome to be seen reading the books?
    We have the solution, my friend. Print these out and you can safely read your Potter in front of all those ex Navy SEALS at the local strip club."
    - What it says. FTW & Spoiler-free.
    * The Golden Compass trailer. I really need to finish this book. )

    Harry Potter
    Y'know? I've waited for years to know how the HP series ends, but I think right now I'd be angrier if some were to spoil me The Dresden Files books. That, of course, does not mean I want to be spoiled. 'k?

  • Heroes (I'm linking the only one that's spoiler-free for those who are up to date with the Universal Channel Latino because I need the attention): In Some Place Between Fiction and Reality - [Gen. PG.] Ando remebers how he and Hiro met. Ando+Hiro.
  • Crossover: Piratas of the Caribbean/Arashi no Yoru ni: The Ruining Of A Metaphor [Eh... Slash? Furry? WTF? ^o^ PG(13?)] Jack gets to an island feeling like he needs company. Unrequited Jack/Mei. *coughs*
  • Naruto: The Facts of Life [Slash. PG-13] Akamaru is an innocent puppy. Again. Kiba/Shino.
  • The Dresden Files (TV): Leave It As A Theory [Gen. PG13] The dangers of joking around people who like intellectual challenges. Harry+Bob
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    Title: Status Quo Ante
    Fandom: Heroes
    Characters: Niki, Jessica, Mr. Bennet, Claire, D.L.
    Pairings: Niki/D.L. - Niki/Mr. Bennet
    Rating: PG-13
    Lenght: ~3500
    Summary: After the events at the end of the first season, Mr. Bennet asks Niki for a favor.
    Spoilers: The whole first season.
    Author's note: Written for the [ profile] rare_heroes Fic Challenge #1: Brave New Ship

    Status Quo Ante )
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    Title: In Some Place Between Fiction and Reality
    Fandom: Heroes
    Characters: PG
    Rating: PG
    Lenght: +2300
    Summary: Ando remembers how he and Hiro met.
    Spoilers: It has heavily implied spoilers for 1x17 "Company Man".
    Author's note: Written for the [ profile] hiro_ando June Fic-A-Thon. Prompt: Car.

    Beta-ed by [ profile] kelly_girl

    In Some Place Between Fiction and Reality )


    Jul. 16th, 2007 01:00 pm
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    So, I got my prompt for the [ profile] peter_mohinder fics exchange (and Moheter keeps making me LOL, though the mushed pairing name that wins all the prices in the Heroes fandom is Pathan [Peter/Nathan], if only because patán means jerk in Spanish =DDD). I already have a bunny but I want to finish the one for [ profile] rare_heroes first. Luckily, I found out what was the problem with that one and I should be able to finish it today to start editing.
    Also, I'm waiting for the [ profile] hiro_ando mod's official word to post the fic I wrote for the monthly ficathon, the one that's already beta-ed since two weeks ago and eager to come out to the public. Really, I kid you not. XD

    In other fandom, the mod of [ profile] dresdenflashfic should be posting today the new prompt, and this week's in [ profile] dresdenfiles100 (fear) it's giving me bunnies, specially since it came out after I'd finished the 3rd Book. I'm still grieving, btw. D: Really, I hadn't feel actually sad by a book's ending since I read The Supernaturalist. Though in this last one it was because I wasn't expecting it, and in the former because, well, at a point you sort of expect something not-so-happy to happen. Not only because this is not a children's book but because a cut for spoilers, just in case. ) But Butcher --the bastard-- makes you care about the characters even if you don't want to. Thus, massive heart-breakage at the end. *wails*

    Hey! Originally I wasn't going to say anything about Grave Peril until I had digested it a little more. oO;;

    Either way, I also checked some of the unanswered prompts in [ profile] fic_on_demand and I found some shiny ones. I took note of them (really, Tomboy is love). Let's see what happens. o.o/
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    Capítulo 11 del destripe del coso del ocaso de los elfos, con colaboraciones de T-kun y L-chan.

    This is the first time I've actually hated Hiro. XD (Totally spoiler free.)

    And, you know what? Fuck the shipping. Yes, to hell with it! I don't give a shit if at the end Dobby is Harry's lover or if Lupin elopes with Molly Weasley (though canon wise, it'd be more likely and IC the former, but whatevs >.>;;). All I want to know is how Big Bad Boy Voldemort gets defeated which is, like, you know, THE MAIN POINT OF THE SERIES' PLOT?
    Yes, love is important and also a main part of the plot, but it manifests in several different ways, romance being only one of them.

    And Tonks? Tonks is fucking HOT. So there!
    And I'm actually hoping she and Lupin get some snogging "in camera" before the book is over. If only because the guy's a werewolf, not an actual wolf.
    And yes, I still like SB/RL a lot, tsvm, though some fans... GEEZ! Just... either get out from the ship (if you do it now, I'll see to get you a boat with food and water) or tone down your hatin', please.

    Finally, stop believing canon will bend to your wishes and go write all the fics you like, just don't rub them on my face, mainly those with blatant bashing, TSVM!

    *goes back to read the 3rd Dresden Files Book*
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    Book quiz stolen from Nina )

    Lo que me recuerda: Cómo podría Microsoft comenzar a reconciliarse conmigo. =D
    Por cierto que ya conseguí dejar más o menos lista la parte de "Cómo demonios llegaron a eso" para poder comenzar con el pr0n. Viva yo. xP

    * 5 reasons why EVERYONE should know how to Photoshop their head onto someone else's body <- For the win. Srsly. Even if I use The GIMP

    * Top 6 Reasons Harry Potter Isn't For Kids. Most of them we already knew. Still fun, though. :p

    P.S. Why the heck did I dream about zombies if the last thing I read before falling asleep was Lovecraft? o.O
    alcesverdes: Plotbunny (Plotbunny)
    Title: Finding Peace
    Fandom: Heroes
    Rating: PG
    Lenght: +3600
    Characters Nathan, Peter, Heidi, and Angela Petrelli, the Haitian, Mohinder, Molly. Mentions of Claire and Mr. Bennet. Pairings: Nathan/Heidi. Eventual Peter/Mohinder.
    Summary: The Petrellis' quest to bonding once more.
    Spoilers: For the whole first season.
    Notes: It was [ profile] telrunya's fault. She infected me with the bunny.


    Finding Peace )
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    No les bastó con [ profile] lolhistory ni [ profile] loltheorists, así que crearon [ profile] heroes_macros (Thar be spoilerz). Conclusión: I iz joineded.
    Y súmenle mi adicción a Icanhascheezburger. XD

    De [ profile] vintage_ads: Seguro que están de luna de miel. *has a fit of giggles*

    Arashi no Yoru ni/Wolf's Rain crossover - Subjective
    Summary: Wolves meet and we learn something about Paradise.
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    Spoiler-free Heroes photos gotten from "I closed the tab and I can't remember ;_;"
    In other news, today I cooked pizza from scratch! And it was edible! Yay!

    Also, people keep confusing Pipo with a chihuahua. XD It makes me wonder, were he aware of the fact, would it make him feel proud? I mean, besides being around twice the size of a true chi, my poor dear is the muttiest mutt ever, and yet people think he's a pure breed.

    And, I finished reading The Quiet American. Makes me want to hunt down the one who translated the title as El americano impasible and kick him. -___- Yeah, El americano tranquilo doesn't have the same punch, but there's an ocean of difference between the terms and "impassive" doesn't become Pyle.
    The book itself was quite good, though. =D

    ETA I really need a loud hobby. I WANT revenge! ¬0¬!
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    Title: Sketches
    Fandom: Heroes
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Isaac faces Destiny.
    Spoilers: Up to episode 1x20

    alcesverdes: Plotbunny (Plotbunny)
    Title: Sketches
    Fandom: Heroes
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Isaac faces Destiny.
    Spoilers: Up to episode 1x20

    Sketches )
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    * [ profile] allira_dream me pasó este fanvideo de Peter&Claude. Nada de shippines per se, spoilers para lo que va de Héroes y suficiente crack para causarle una sobrecarga al más pintado. <33

    * ¡Quiero dos para llevar! **0**

    Title: Serenity and Patience
    Fandom: Heroes
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Mohinder gets a lab sponsored by Nathan, and realizes that he sometimes has to give in to what Flying Man's brother and BFF understand for help.
    Characters: Mohinder, Hiro, Peter, mentions of Nathan.
    Spoilers: Not really.

    Serenity and Patience )
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    Title: Serenity and Patience
    Fandom: Heroes
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Mohinder gets a lab sponsored by Nathan. and realizes that he sometimes has to give in to what Flying Man's brother and BFF understand for help.
    Characters: Mohinder, Hiro, Peter, mentions of Nathan.
    Spoilers: Not really.

    Serenity and Patience )


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